December 9, 2010

Pink Pony by Pax

Santa stockings have begun to reach "the guys" - JJ got his yesterday and advises that he's already devoured the accompanying Timtams...

But what's that you ask? How did I manage to get some Australian themed Santa Stockings to the boys downrange??

Well firstly I took outrageous advantage of the lovely guys at Simply Australian who advised that if I could find some Aussie Santa bags, then they could fill them with a selection of goodies and post out (they are based in the USA so there would be no picky Customs officers checking on the contents and delaying delivery by weeks).

Hmm... Aussie themed Santa bags... that was a bit tricky. But luckily the Australian Koala Foundation had just the very thing I needed AND they came in a handy 3-pack too!
They are actually wine bottle bags so they won't hold very much however they WILL look excellently Aussie to the average American eye (got to work to our audience you know :D)

Bags purchased, received via mail and then posted off International Airmail to Simply OZ in Ohio.  They arrived a few weeks later and then began the fun and games of "so what will actually fit into these"

Luckily Dave from SimplyOz has a great sense of Humour, a tape measure and a mobile phone...

rather tight!

Well that one won't fit!
Dave gave suggestions and offered advice, and eventually we found enough things to make it a proper Santa Stocking (i.e lots of sweets and a toy in the bottom!)

After sending them payment, they boxed up each stocking (along with a packet of Timtams each) and shipped them off Downrange for me.

One packed - two to go!
I didn't have the heart to have a note attached to them reading
as I figured that K, C & JJ might need a sugar hit before the 25th.

So Merry Christmas guys - from your Aussie Angel. I hope that you stay safe and well and come home soon to your families.

Oh and the Pink Pony???  Well JJ asked me if I could possibly send him a replacement for his workshop mascot (it's apparently had a wee bit of an accident).

So my shopping foo was great and I found him "the very thing".  I have to say it's not quite what I imagine when I think "Big Tough Army Guys" but I'm sure it will give them a giggle.

And before any of you go "Bad Evil Pax" - it's *exactly* what he requested (well.. he did say I could choose the colour :D)


  1. You are truly a wonderful gift to our Soldiers!

  2. To this "average American eye" those stockings ARE excellently Aussie!!! Very cute...

  3. You are a sweetie and a gift to anyone who knows you. Not only at Christmas, either. And I got a card in the mail today, too.(BIG SMILE)