December 24, 2010

Twas the day before Christmas....

and all through the house....

Actually there's a wee bit of chaos in my house today and once I manage to wake up a bit more (reaches for the caffeine.... gulp... ahhhh.. that's better - brain cells beginning to come online) I will reach for my To-Do list and get cracking.

First on the list:- work out where I have hidden all the gifts for giving (for family & friends) and begin the wrapping process.  I have the niggly feeling I've missed something on the "go buy this" list - I have the rest of the day at least to make it back to the shops [today is the first day of my 12 day break from work - which is lovely!]

Should I confess here that I love this time of year?  Celebrating the Birth of the Saviour and as an extension of that - celebrating love and appreciation of my family and friends.  Not so big on Santa as an icon but willing to accept that he's part of the Myth of the Season (but *not* the Reason for the Season).

I was raised by my Grandmother Marion to believe that Christmas is the time to give love and appreciation - and yes, gifts - to your friends and family.  She taught me that it's not enough to just spend lavish amounts of money on things (not that we have $$$ to lavish - working class bods here) but that you need to take the effort and care to find something that will make the recipient smile, and let them know that you care enough to understand their interests and hobbies.

She also taught me (and this was a hard hard lesson for a child to learn) that receiving gifts yourself shouldn't be the main focus.  And that regardless of the gift, you should smile and say Thank You (a good lesson in  manners for all).  I miss my Nanna Marion - she taught me to laugh at the universe and not to mind too much when the universe laughs back at you.

Second on the List:- write up a Grocery shopping list.  Our local shops will be closed for the next few days so we need to think ahead and have enough food to tide us over.  Of course this means I will need to brave the insanity of the day-before-Christmas shoppers (prayers should be said, thanks!).  I think I'll wander about with a smile on my face and let people cut in front of me in the check outs - should be good karma points in that (not to mention the look of befuddlement that crosses their faces)

Third on the list:- put up the Christmas tree.  It's small and glittery and probably should have been set up ages ago (I spent the last 5 days cleaning and reorganising furniture whilst the boyfriend was away visiting inter-state. Apartment is now sparkly clean but lacking in holiday cheer).  Boyfriend has now returned but not in any mood to celebrate Christmas with me (he's not into that "stuff" so he reminds me).  Good thing I didn't make him that elf costume isn't it?!

After all that I will probably collapse with a drinkie and watch some sappy Muppet Christmas movies.

So Merry Christmas to all my friends. May you stay safe, be warm (or cool and dry if you are in Australia) and know that you are loved (even if it's just by a goofy Aussie you have never met)


  1. Since B isn't into all the stuff, you had better not give him a present. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. His feelings, his reward.

  2. Merry Christmas Pax.
    My Christmas will be very busy because I can finially move back into my condo since the fire. Lots to take back over from my Best Bud's place.
    I will take some time to go have Chinese at my favorite local place then it back to getting thing back into place.
    YYYYYYEA!!!! I'm going to get to sleep in my own bed Christmas Eve.


    Miss Em