December 3, 2010

Warmed by Pax

Hey Look! It's post number 100!  Does this mean I waffle too much? :D

It's no surprise to anyone that knows me what a delicate petal I am - being born & raised in the sub-tropics means that cold (and this is anything under 16 degrees Celsius.. erm... about 60 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you on the Imperial spectrum) causes me to whimper and hide under blankets.

So you can guess just how much sympathy I have when I hear that one of my adopted soldiers is not coping well with the change in temperature from home (TX) to "over there".

Fuzzy fleece sheets (we call them Flannelet over here in Australia) found, ordered and now on their way to him.

Mmm... Fuzzy!
I did ask him first if he'd be okay with having red ones sent (I was worried about the "laundry oppsies" since pink knickers aren't very manly).  He's assured me that he'll remember to wash them separately if they look like the colour might run.

Must remember to start signing off on my letters to him as "Stay safe - Stay Warm" :)

Edited to add.... I lamented to a friend (V) that I really wished I could afford to send JJ a Texas flag blanket to keep him extra warm & toasty.  V's google-foo is legendary and she managed to track down just the very thing at an affordable cost.  So now there's even more warmth heading my soldier's way


  1. Nicely done and I am sure the gift will be appreciated. Congrats on your 100.

  2. I'm a likin' those warm flannels. Freezing here. LOl. Great congrats on 100.

  3. I want to thank Mari for all she does for the troops and to let her know she is one great angel with a huge heart! Thanks!