January 22, 2011

Home improvements - Pax style

Yay!  The bed frame that we ordered on the 29th of December was delivered today in Flatpack boxes.

And with the main Assistance of Mr.B & Cozzles (BFF!) it has morphed from pieces of wood in to a very nice piece of furniture indeed. 

And so it begins...

all bits present and accounted for

with the cat supervising from on high!

All done! and the end section is a cunningly hidden drawer!
I still need to finance a new mattress - hopefully in the next month or two (must pay rates bill and mortgage first!) - however in the meantime we have the old inner-spring one to use.

Next renovation plan... to take back the closet space from the Evil Tribe of "Stuff". That's going to be a BIG job since it's currently crammed with clothes, medieval costumes, two extra dining room chairs [B's dining suite has 8 chairs - the living area only has room for 3! Another three are lurking at the far end of the bedroom covered in "more stuff"(Tm.) - and the wretched things don't stack :( ] and assorted flotsam and jetsam from my many many years of hording.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck. Stuff can be very dangerous to get rid of. Make sure when you are going through your stuff to to remember one thing. If you use the question I may need that some day then you don't need it. I still have a lot of I may use that someday in my basement. Have fun.

  2. That stuff is a pain to put together. Nice bed by the way.

  3. A good looking adult playground and snoozing device. Enjoy it!

  4. You work project went better than mine usually do.

    Citizen Soldier..my 'Best-Bud' been trying to stop me from using that statement for the last 3 months. Not to successfully I might add.

    Miss Em