January 11, 2011

Pax may learn to paddle...

You might have heard on the news that Queensland Australia is going through some fairly intense floods.

This was yesterday (10th January 2011) up in Toowoomba - which is 127kms (79miles) from my home in Brisbane

The whole Brisbane valley region area is on flood alert here - with continuing rain, run off from upstate (including the water from the ranges),  overspill from the nearest dam and even high tides, it's going to get worse before it gets better!

Mr B & I are quite safe as we live on a bit of a hill away from the river and creeks.  No idea if the roads will be passable for me to reach work tomorrow.
Mr B works in the CBD which is *right* next to the river - so we suspect he won't be there tomorrow either.

My Dad has been in touch via mobile phone so I know my parents and eldest brother are okay (their home is on a ridge so they should be fine).  Other friends are either safely at home or preparing to pack up and move to higher ground.

More news here

Edited to add this handy dandy comparison map


  1. I'd suggest staying home. I've been to enough floods to know better than to try and drive through the water.

  2. The man was not letting air out of his tires like the woman thought. He has a 4 wheel drive vehicle and he was manually locking in the front hubs so he would have all 4 wheels pulling him out.

    Good luck with your going to work. I agree with Dude, stay home.

  3. I'm finding this fascinating: http://qld-floods.appspot.com/1974-flood-levels

    It's the 1974 floods superimposed over a modern map.


  4. So glad you and yours are safe (most importantly). What a nightmare you're going through over there. I'm sending prayers.

    Thanks so much for joining my blog. I love my Aussie friends, and am glad to follow you too.
    Stay safe, Paxford.