January 10, 2011

Pax does the 12th century...

.... and the12th Century does Pax in.

Spent today working the kitchen for a Medieval feast for Mr B's re-enactment group.  B was the cook and I, his trusty sidekick and bottle-washer.

The Menu....

Fruit & nuts (almonds - both shelled & unshelled.  The unshelled ones being attractive to the male of the species intent on showing their prowess with nutcrackers)

Oysters on the shell (served with sea salt and lemon wedges)

Pea soup

Pullum Frontoniarium (an amazingly tasty chicken pieces [pullum] dish from Roman times. Chicken with leeks, coriander and thyme, baked in a tasty tasty sauce and served piping hot)

Pullus Fuscilis (another Roman era recipe - baked whole chickens [pullus] with a pork/veal and oats stuffing)

Fried carrots (julienned carrot slices cooked in butter with caraway seeds)

Rump roast (Cooked in a Weber BBQ for about 4 hours - absolutely amazing and so tender) served with white garlic sauce

Rabbit and Venison pie (aka Bambi & Thumper pie)

Summer pudding and cream (3 different sorts of berries - strawberries, raspberries and blackberries baked in a bread & butter style pudding)

The food was rich and plentiful, the company - for the most part* - was pleasant, and a good time was had.

I am now however stiff and sore from a day spent on my feet in the kitchen; and forswearing any future similar events unless a day-at-the-spa voucher is proffered first as a bribe.

*what IS it about flame/candles that brings out the idiots in some?
For lighting we were using tea-light candles with some of my smaller wooden platters underneath them to protect the tablecloths from wax.  After a spectacular demonstration of group Idiot "Ohh... look! Fire Burns" (after which the matches were confiscated and hidden) I now have two wooden platters with candle-shaped singe marks that are burnt through to the underside.  I've yet to check the tablecloths but won't be surprised if they are damaged too...  (mutter... grumble... this is a prime example of why Pax can never have nice things - for long!)


  1. Sorry Coffeypot - I was too busy working to remember to take any snap shots :(