June 8, 2011

Holding Out For A Hero

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need

                                                Bonnie Tyler

Well occasionally reality comes and smacks you upside the head.

Friends in danger downrange; and at home - a dear friend in a domestic abuse situation.

I really have nothing to complain about - my emotional dramas are nothing compared to theirs.

Prayers being sent for them all - and the hope that a hero can rescue my friend (the police hero type)


  1. Willy Nelson's Apache Wife did this when she got tired of him beating on her...

    1. purchase a new top sheet, a curve uphostery needle, some carpet thread and a roll of duct tape. oh and a garden hose if she doesn't have one.
    2. after the 'sob' goes to sleep put the new top sheet over him and begin sewing it down to the mattress from the neck around the shoulders then down the body under the bottom of the feet and back up the other side. you want it to look like his head is poppin out of a sack. take the spare bed pillow and lightly duct tape it to the one his head is lying on.
    3. Pick up the garden hose and cut about 4 feet of of one of the ends then place the end with the brass/plastic fitting in your hand and stand next to the bed and raise the hose up and say shout loudly "This is the last time you will ever beat me." and begin to give him a beating from hell.
    4. When your done then you lean over and tell him that if you have to repeat this it will be with a baseball bat.

    It does work...ask Willy Nelson.

    Miss Em