June 4, 2011

Pax'd in June

Today has been something of a Foggy-brain'd day - parting of the ways between a friend and I last night means I'm somewhat upset and not coping with life very well.  I accept the reasons for the parting as being inevitable (differing viewpoints on one very important aspect of any relationship) but that doesn't mean that I am happy that it's occurred.  He seems to feel the need for distance so I will wish him well and hope he stays safe.

One upshot of "Foggy-brain" meant I locked myself out of my apartment this morning - keys on the inside, me on the outside going "oooh poot".  Luckily my BFF has a spare key so I caught up with her when she finished work and she very good-naturedly came home with me and let me back in.  Must remember to give a second key to BFF2 so I have a backup for my backup (not that there should be a "next time" but better to be prepared)

On the "Milsupport" front - I have had a very lovely email from newest adoptee. He is well and currently safe.  More letters, postcards & munchies to be dispatched to him shortly.

And National Guard adoptee has also been in touch :)

I know that some times it's just not possible for the adoptee's to contact their Angels - but when it does happen, it's like receiving a bubble of happiness - knowing they are safe and well, and excited about what has arrived (and fearful of what may come - Bwhahaha!.. whoops... don't mind me :D)

Oh and Aussie munchie parcel just shipped to my Cup-of-Joe penfriend too (standard items - bikkies and sweets - including some musk sticks)  I had pre-warned him that a treat pack would be wending it's way to him and he seemed a little excited :D

And I have just acquired a random marine to support (random = just sending a parcel off to a central contact person who will then pass on to a member of their troop).  Have some Aussie treats and furry marsupial toy all picked out.  Wonder if I should put my email/blog addy on the card - or should it be a real & proper RAK*. Will think on that and decide in the next two days (it can't go till Monday USA hours so I have a little bit of dithering-time up my sleeve).

So other than this weeks' postcards to adoptee's (which should have been posted out yesterday except I was having something of a minor breakdown along with a migraine attack- sorry about that!) I am all caught up with "My Boys".  Soon I shall begin plotting my usual June/July gift to them all (it's summer over there and hot hot hot - what better to send than a small item of ballistic water-borne mayhem I ask you?)  Must check in with Miss Vicki too - she likes to send rubber duckies to my boys as well (a tradition now reaching back for my three years of Soldiers' Angeling)

And now I'm off to make dinner and wait for the latest episode of Doctor Who to come on (my life... so exciting!)

*RAK (aar-aa-k). Noun. Adverb. Adjective.
The Act of unexpectedly doing something nice (RAK-Random Act of Kindness).
[Dictionary of Marion-ism's]


  1. ((Huggles)) Words can't give sympathy enough, but you know I'm here if you need me.

    And yes - second backup key is good. Reminds me - should do the same!!!

    And your adoptees are damn lucky to have you. Musk sticks, vegemite, tim tams, stuffed marsupials and all.

  2. I would definitely tell your random Marine who you are!

  3. You are too good for most of the dudes you support. Hold out for the best (sorry, hon, I'm taken.) I like Dr. Who, too. But we only get reruns or showing much later than you do.

  4. Get a magnetic key box, put you spare house key in it and put it on the underside of your car.

    But, if you are like me who locks herself out all the time don't go anywhere without one stuck in the Bra.
    Works every time.