June 19, 2011

Late night Paxing

Past 11pm here in Australia so I will keep this post brief(ish) and just do a bit of "what I have been up to lately" updating.

Actually not doing that much I guess - have managed to sort out my financial drama's (fingers crossed) and will therefore be able to start planning some apartment renovations. 

First on the list is to reverse the built-in veranda (since sadly the place isn't resale-able until it's fixed) - this will involve installing a replacement for the big old heavy sliding door that was removed a while back.  Once that's installed, I'll be getting some help to pull out the extra walls & windows bit that enclosed the overhanging area (should prove to be relatively easy as all the works were cunningly built on the inside of the existing aluminium veranda shutter system).  I don't have a hard & fast timeline on this as I will be doing a lot of the work myself (jigsaw cutting through part of a bookcase/bench system etc. And YES - I do promise to count my fingers before & afterwards and take photos of any 'amusing' incidents).

Rest of the apartment renovations (bathroom / kitchen / laying new floor coverings) will be on hold until my parents return from their latest Bush camping adventure (Mum is feeling well enough to travel at the moment and wants to seize the opportunity at what might be her last chance to enjoy the bush).  My Dad is quite the handyman and is already VERY excited at the idea of being "in-charge" of the work here.

So part of this weekend has been spent (in the company of BFF) pricing various items at the local hardware superstore, and getting starting prices for a sliding door / french door system (and I have to say EEEEK! Darn that's gonna be expensive!)

In Milsupport - I've been a bit quiet.  I did manage to send off a care parcel via the Soldiers' Angel Store to the person coordinating the RAK marine group.  It will go with a bonus pack of Girl Scout cookies which is a really cool thing.  And as usual weekly letters / postcards have gone out.  However the latest International postage stamp is HUGE - kind of makes it hard to find room on the postcards to actually write a message! (and while I am tempted to often write "Wish you were HERE" I try to avoid that.  Although it IS a sentiment I really feel since even with our weird reptiles, insects and other furry animals Australia is really safe - so long as you avoid the musk stick sweeties!)

In upcoming Blogging news - I am planning on inserting the occasional audio clip.  Finally you will get to laugh at my accent (the Lord knows the locals do!)  I should probably mention here that since my Dad was born in Scotland I have a wee bit of an unusual non-Aussie inflection going on. Ah well... at the very least you *should* be able to understand most of the words even if you then have to write in for a 'Lingo*' translation!

So are there any burning questions you'd like to ask me? (polite ones that is - *eyes the peanut gallery with wary apprehension*)  Send me suggestions on what you would like to hear - however be warned that I tend to sing off-keyish so musical number suggestions should be kept to a minimum.

Whoops.. now heading towards midnight so I will end my not-as-brief-Brief.

Stay safe!

Pax, over and out

*Lingo, the way a certain speech community speaks, see jargon

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  1. I look forward to hearing your voice. As for the question, it's more of a request. I think everyone would find it interesting why you are such a huge supporter of the US troops in harms way than you own Auzie lads.