July 8, 2011

Caption Contest - a-la-Pax

Somewhere Downrange yet another brave American has encountered the insidious Pinkness that is the Australian sweet - Musk Sticks

Doesn't he LOOK HAPPY!   Bwhahahah!

So... how about a caption contest?  Winner will be sent their very own packet of the Pink Stick to try on themselves and their friends and families (Ain't I such a caring sharing soul?!)

**Edited to add - To sweeten the deal [heh.. bad pun!] and encourage people to actually enter, the prize will now also include some edible Australian items and a friendship pin (see! not just Insidious Pinkness at stake now!)

*Competition Rules - entries can come in from anywhere in the world.

*Winner will be required to supply a valid postal address (as per Opsec rules I will hold that address secure & private)

*You may make more than one entry but try to keep them relatively polite

*Competition closes on the 15th of July.  Winner will be mentioned on the Meepings

And.... GO!


  1. "Bleack- no wonder they're trying to mail all they can out of Austrailia!"

  2. "WOW! That smells much better than Private Snuffy's Socks at the end of the day."

  3. ooooo--weeeeeee!!!
    You said this was what????
    You ARE Lying.
    Your lips are moving.

  4. "I think I put this in the wrong end!"

  5. "I've heard of musk rats, but musk- snacks?"

  6. "MMMM candy ..... OMG the things aussies eat "