July 9, 2011

Pax's Renovations - Redux

So there I am - working away at the removal of the built in bookshelves when the blade of my Jigsaw gives a funny little lurch and then dislodges itself (no damage done to myself  since the blade stayed lodged in the soft pine board I was attempting to cut)

After I carefully unplugged the machine from the power board (see! Pax has absorbed *some* safety rules over the years!) I discovered that the locking nut that holds the blade guide roller in place is no longer there, and the guide roller and it's pin are now separated from the machine in a sad, forlorn little heap.  A check of the floor all about has failed to find the nut :(  [however knowing my klutzy luck I may end up standing on it the moment I pull my shoes off!]

Webmail has been sent to the manufacturing company (Ozito) - and if I fail to hear from them in a few days I will take the machine back to the Store for a "please explain how this is possible" discussion.  Cause.. you know... locking nut... aren't they supposed to ... umm... Lock??

So no doubt to my Neighbours relief, I will be unable to do any more work for at least a week.

However this is where I am currently up too - and as it's enough to give full access to the area where the new patio doors are supposed to attach I'm okay with that.

Guess where the Liquid nail glue was attached!  Good thing it had
adhered to the paint layer only. Repainting I can do.

Next step (non-power tooled) will be to expose the old Doorway's framework so that I can get accurate measurements when the Carpenter comes a-quoting. It's a 320cmW x 204cmH gap so hoping that the old framework is suitable or that if it's not, then removal & replacement is part of the work quote.

And for those asking about the DVD collection - well what remains of it (after the ex took what he considered his share) is in the part of the bookcase that I plan to keep (at least for now).  Sadly it will have to come out before I can re floor the lounge room but that may be 6 or more months down the track.


  1. Good job, Mari. Those damn nuts come off all the time. The vibration will have them loosen up. You need to check them periodically. Hurry up and finish…I need some work done around here and I’ll hire you for some of the mechanical stuff.

  2. <John - Ah-ha! so it IS a power tool conspiracy to drive me even more nutty? Good to know.

    Hopefully it's a standard sized screw-end then and I will pick up a packet of the nuts.