July 27, 2011

Pax rolls the dice

I recently replaced some of my board games - the original sets were old and missing pieces - so I thought it was about time for an upgrade (helped along with an amazon gift vouchers given by a dear friend)

So I invested in a really nice new Monopoly set

(photo from amazon.com; and all rights held by Hasbro of course)
and I got to thinking about past games of the big M.  The Good family games where we played for fun; the not so-good Family games when my brothers would tag-team to own all the properties; and the very VERY memorable games played with a range of ex's.

I'm wondering if perhaps it's a Guy thing (?!) - that whole "must win - must own the board even if I need to crush you to do it".   And I am thinking that I may begin applying the M-test to all potential suitors. 

Just think... I'd get to see their real self at play. 

Now I'm not suggesting that I will only find worth in someone that plays half-heartedly; or even worse - tries to let me win.  Just that it might be a really great way to discover if my intended Honey has the belief that winning means he can connive, or cheat, or belittle his opponents, just to get that little grey counter around the board faster than me.

Just think of the time and emotion I'll be saving on the ones that can't understand that a game should actually be FUN! (and the ones that survive the M-test will then move on to the Trivial Pursuit gambit - just to make sure)

Oh and if this works - I'm totally going to patent the idea!  (oooh just think of the lawsuits Hasbro would be throwing at me!)


  1. Well...if we were playing strip M, then I would try to beat the pants off you.

  2. I thought of making one of those games with land mines, and to purchase property, you have to take it with weapons....kind of sick huh?

  3. <Ci-Roller... Bwhahaha - a better version of "Mousetrap" now with added Ka-booms. I like the way your evil mind works :)