July 3, 2011

Pax'n tools

I shall have to admit that I'm not a natural with power tools - frankly they scare me :(

So when I say I am trying to persevere with the removal of some inbuilt bench tops & shelves I really mean I am trying not to run away from the task - crying like a little girl.

I have one friend who delights in telling me (whenever I mention I've gone off to the hardware store for more things) that I'll "One day make a great '(girl) husband' for some guy".  Yeah.. what I wouldn't give for the right guy to be here holding my hand and leading the way on the project

However you (and you know who I mean - don't cha Charlie?) who worry about my safety habits should not fear.  I have gloves, eye protection and breathing masks - and I may even get around to wearing all three at once sometime :D

**Edited to add... why yes - yes I *am* using a jigsaw to cut through the bench tops.  And no - I still have not quite worked out that whole "cut in a straight line" thing.  I am so much better with hand saws (so long as I remember NOT to try catching them in midair when dropped by accident)

**Re-edited to add..... Rage can be a wonderful substitute for skill!




  1. Rage is useful! (But bring a broom)

  2. Just put the power tool down before you let the rage take over. I bet you could go the pub, buy a couple of beers and they would be lining up to help a lass in need. Men like to do that kinda thing.