November 19, 2011

Destructo Pax

Today I have been excelling in the old "rip-em-out" methodology of renovation.  De-tiling the old kitchen splashback.

I originally thought it would be a relatively easy job - after all, 50 year old tiles - surely they'd be a bit loose by now?

Turns out not to be the case. So armed with my newest tool...
Rotary Hammer Drill with Chisel tip
I have been gamely trying to detach the tiles from the walls and window ledge.

Seems that the bonding mixture they used to attach the tiles to the wall is more powerful that superglue.  So I am having a few problems of:-

a) the tiles turning to powder as I try to remove but not detaching from the wall, and
b) the cement wall being less robust than the tile bonder. Resulting in lumps of the wall coming away with the tiles et al.

Definitely going to be doing a lot of plaster/concrete patching when it's all done!

Just a bit more to do
I have stopped for the night (it's just after 6pm here) and no doubt my neighbours are excited at the lack of drilling noise.  More to finish tomorrow (post parental visit since I can't make noise before 10am on a Sunday* and the P's will be here for lunch and a bit beyond that. Plus it's a bit too dangerous - with flying tile shards - to do with them in the place)

Once the walls are de-tiled; replastered and painted - my new kitchen cabinets can be put into place.
So far we (Cozzles and I) have put together only two of the seven cabinets - waiting on the rest till there is a spot to install them all.
Cozzles - Queen of the Flatpacks - showing me how it's done :)

And now I'm off to have a nap.  All this hefting of major tools; destruction and saving the universe - takes it out of a Lady! :)

*I could make noise before 10am on a Sunday but I won't.  Seems such a rude thing to do with people trying to either sleep in or just off to church.


  1. Oh boy. I'm tired just watching you. That looks like a huge amount of work.

    I bet it will be spectacular when you are done. Please show pics of the final project!

  2. ..hammer and chisel on the tiles and be prepared to have to fix whatever wall they were on.

  3. What a huge job! I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.