November 6, 2011

November Paxing

Just a quick update from me, as I am drowning in a sea of renovation projects and am finding computer time scarce.

Two of my Soldiers' Angels adoptees - Mark and Mario - are due home very shortly. Prayers are being said that you have a fast and safe trip home guys.  I have enjoyed being your appointed Angel and hope that you had fun with the silly things sent to you.

In Cup of Joe news I would very much like to thank ExAFCrewDog who submitted some Cup of Joe Vouchers linked to my blog - very very kind of you Sir!  (and also reminded me that my regular bi-monthly voucher donation of coffee vouchers were due so that's been sorted out too :).
If any of my readers have some spare small change and would like to give to a worthy cause - please consider the Cup of Joe program.  For as little as $2 per voucher you are giving a deployed trooper the joy of receiving caffeinated beverages AND a note from you at home.

In AT HOME news.  Today, we (myself and my Dad), removed the last of the built in kitchen benches and sink.  Tomorrow (being my rostered day off from work) we will level the void where the cupboards used to be with concrete, and then after work during the week I will continue to strip out the old tiles (vinyl on the floor and ceramic on the walls).  Next weekend we will begin the kitchen floor re-tiling which should be fun.  New kitchen cupboards will go in once the floor work is completed so 2 to 3 weeks till it's all done.

I still have to do all the repainting of 75% of the apartment - however I am hoping I can wrangle a few extra days off work so I can "have at it" in one fell swoop (so to speak).

With luck I can complete all the work by the first week of December.  My Celebratory plans involve the purchase of a 6ft Christmas tree that I can set up in the corner of the room; and the displaying of my nativity set (my ex was very anti anything Christian so my most recent Christmas's have been very low key events.  This year I plan to rebel and CELEBRATE my inner-faith outwardly)

And that's all from me.   Stay safe all!


  1. Proud of your tenacity in sticking to your projects and I hope your Christmas is the best one ever. Fuck the ex and his anti-Christmas attitude.

  2. Hang in there Lady, as you renovations have their OWN schedule... sigh... Looking forward to pics of the tree!