November 23, 2011


Pax has been plotting (again)

[enjoys the fact that there is a core group of people who cringe whenever I mention the "P" word]

And in other news... I have now 3 adopted troopers and a small group of Marines to send goodies and letters of silliness too (newest adoptee acquired last night - hopefully he will be fine with the Goofy Australian's antics)

And sorry Coffeypot - still no Navy adoptees (I just can't seem to get "lucky" there). Maybe you should seek out one and send them my way?  Just don't mention my abiding fear of deep water and it will be bonza :)

So... just as a general question and not implicating myself at all... how DOES one ninja-proof an apartment?  Are Nightingale floors still all the rage?  How about a pressure-activated trap door / oubliette combination at the front door?

Mmmmm.... oubliette....

1 comment:

  1. Nightingale floors... An oubliette would be a tad hard :-)