June 13, 2010

History Alive!

Well yesterday Miss M and I headed out to the historic Fort Lyton site to attend History Alive 2010. We were to meet up with Cozzles there (She was one of the 14th century re-enactors and had camped on site).

The Historic range of groups goes from Romans up to World War II so it was pretty common to see them all interacting together. Best Historical dichotomy is summed up in the above photo. But then I guess they are both enacting Italians :D

Cozzles at war :)

Pax Romana (oh how I wish!)
And just before the medieval battle began one of the Australian Naval ships steamed into port.
Possibly a VERY good thing that the Queensland Regiments gun salute wasn't till later that day or things might have become "interesting"!

We definately had the best day - Thank you to C and her group Citadel for letting us invade their camp for chats; and to the Roman group for the laughs and hugs (and not looking too scared when I wanted to play with the ballista)

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  1. That looks like an awesome time and a lot of fun!