June 13, 2010

Treating the Troops... early June

Sorry for the recent silence everyone - some family health things are happening that are taking a lot out of me.  I've updated a few posts today. This one will be on the troopy treats (hey! we should totally copyright that name ;D)

Weekly letters sent off to my adoptees and hopefully goodies parcels should be reaching them this coming week (just some snacks & tinned/untinned marsupials for K & C; and the arrival of the WBL to J).

And I have heard from K via facebook - he seems a lovely soul and I'll enjoy sending him more munchies and postcards of Australia.

I've also been sending donations of pre-paid coffee vouchers to random troopers (RAK's* make me smile).  It's easy to do via the Green Beans "Cup of Joe" program.  For every US $2 you donate a Trooper gets either a standard cup of coffee or $2 off their special drinks. (mmm... caffeine!). I also added a personal note telling them "Hello from Downunder" and have received 8 different "Trooper X would like to be a penpal" responses.  I've sent emails back to all of them so we will see how many reply (I try to make sure I mention that I'm more of a "dotty-adopted-auntie" type person rather than "wow-chicka-dundee"** - don't want any mis-communications)

It's a long weekend here (sunday of the Queen's Birthday weekend) so I have a few plans of house cleaning and fabric sorting for pre-sewing (I was inspired at yesterday's History Alive event - need to get myself motivated and sewing medieval costumes again). Also need to deal with some family issues; and spend some quality time with B (he's become interested in Table top gaming again so he is busily creating tiny hills and townships. I'm hoping I can convince him he needs some toy electric trains too - I've always loved playing with those :D)

Catch up with you all soon - stay safe peeples!


*Random Attacks of Kindness

**well yes... in my dreams maybe ;)


  1. Very cool Green Beans! Hope things get settled for you so you can rest up and return back!

  2. I hope all the family issues improve quickly.

    On the tabletop games, I am the same way with our older son--try to get him interested in things that I like to play with as well. Haha.