October 25, 2009

It's been a good weekend

I've heard from two of my overseas friends - one via emails (he sent photos!!! :D - only been promising me some for 5 months or so) and one via Facebook I.M. Chat. Both are still safe and well and still extremely fond of cookies so this is a good thing. Ones coming home (hopefully) end of January - the Other April. Mr the-third-friend appears to be well too (he pops on to facebook now & then so I see that he's alive and kicking).

In other news - more shopping at the Hardware store for bits and pieces - current projects are - fixing an old desk of mine to make it easier to use the computer with (it's now got an underneath keyboard; a suspended holder for the hard drive and a 3 inch high edge to stop the cat from pushing things off) and the big in-built dvd/entertainment unit project that B's doing the majority of work on (I get to paint it when it's finished and installed).

And my order for new computer has been placed - should hopefully (fingers crossed) be built and ready for collection by next thursday. So soon I shall have shiny computer goodness that will hopefully last me the next 5 years (which may be the length of time it takes me to pay off the credit card debt it's been added to... opps!)

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