July 15, 2010

Pax would like...

one of these (so long as it comes with a six-pack of crew ;D)

Spotted in Brisbane city this morning :)


  1. That looks like that Hummer belongs to one of our 'Don't Ask - Don't Tell' troops who has decided to 'Tell'. "Hellloooo You Yummy Trooopppeeerrrrs. You new in town?"

  2. Well...you could go anywhere and do anything with that...if you have all the fuel in the world. Not really a green vehicle...although they are green. Think of all the fun you could have! LOL

  3. Hi Pax.. Thought I'd stop by and say hi to a blogospherian neighbor. :)

    Ohhhhh how I wanted one of those on the Houston freeways. I actually considered putting a snowplow on my Bronco. hehee