September 16, 2010

RAK's make me a Happy Pax

One of the Bloggers that I follow - AirManMom - posted about a young Marine of her acquaintance who is back Downrange.

Small RAK* package of Australian silliness and munchies heading off to him shortly, with love from Pax. (musk sticks and a tinned marsupial *may* have been included - wicked grin)

*Random Attack of Kindness


In other news, Kyle finally made it home! (I'll see if he will allow me to post about some of his travel adventures at a later date)


  1. You have to be an angel to the troops! Well, at least I think you live up to the button on the side of your blog. My heart goes out to you! And so glad Kyle made it home.

  2. "Australian silliness and munchies"... Awww, perfect! hehee. They're so lucky to have your support, Pax. :)

    Welcome home Kyle!