April 17, 2011

And the camel is Named!

Thank you for all the camel-icious name suggestions.

I really loved the inventiveness and it was a tough decision to make (I did attempt the scientific process of "call to camel using each name and see if he responded" - which strangely enough failed to work.  The CAT, however, quite enjoyed batting him about the room as "punishment" for me paying more attention to a stuffed toy than her)

So I would like to introduce you to

Boonie the camel

Prize winner is Charlie Sherpa (from Red Bull Rising Blog ) for the name suggestion.  Charlie I will organise something suitable after payday (bwhahahahah!!)

Wadi was a close runner up (thanks el Chupacabra). 

I was also exceptionally taken with the name "Sopwith" (thanks Stephen) but decided that I may be obsessing a little too Bigglesworthy when I began hunting online for a teeny tiny leather flying helmet. And if you ever happen to find one let me KNOW :D

Same with "Fargo" (thanks Momma) - I began to wonder how to get him a cute little Stetson

(Oh.. this obsession with dressing stuffed animals? I blame that on my old friend Kathy for giving me a Bunny Rabbit complete with Camo smudges, a bandoleer and a gun... My favourite toy for years!)

Thank you all for playing :)


  1. Welcome Boonie!!!

    Sopwith - nope. Not at all obsessively Bigglesworthy! Not at all.

  2. Pax... a sopwith camel was a WWI airplane. Now that would have been a great name