October 31, 2011

Caption Contest Winner!

From a supporter... "Does this person even like you?"
Congratulations to MISS EM

And many thanks to the Good Sports of the Fast Company Marines*

I would like to thank all the entrants who have (almost) managed to put me off eating Musk Sticks for eternity!

Miss Em - please contact me via email so I may send the hat your way.

*usually I offer a small Aussie item as a thank-you gift for those in my photos. Somehow I don't really think these Marines will willingly accept anything else from me.. opps...


  1. Ha! That's pretty close to one of the actual comments. :-)

  2. Thanks O_NFO - I'm sure she'll be pleased

    @CI - No recount - no correspondence entered into. Judge was in fact not me so it was based upon laugh/snort reaction by someone unaware of all the entrants happy personalities

    @A1S - yes yes... we all know I only really like to torment my friends :D