May 31, 2012

Coffeypot gets Pax Hugs!

I began writing this post well over a week ago. Sadly my mobile phone is in the early stages of dying and I seem to need to do the "Genoa" form of silly antics to get it to download photos (Genoa method... Stand on a bucket with a live frog pinned to your shoulder and shout "BIBBLE" at passerbys*)

AnyoldDownload - I have finally managed to retrieve the photos of the wonderful box of Goodies that Coffeypot sent me earlier this month.

The USS Frank E. Evans hat, shirt, pin, coin and book - amazing! You can read about the brave sailors that were lost on the 3rd of June 1969 HERE. I will treasure these so much

And the penguins. Well Coffey knows his way to a Pax's heart. LYLT JC! (Judy too!)

*The first person (who is NOT Madilayn) who can identify which British Comedy series this quote is from will get a prize


  1. I'm glad you were pleased. For all that you do, this is so little. The back of the shirt has the HMAS Melbourne / USS Frank E Evans friendship logo. I have made many new friends from down under and you top the list.

  2. Quotation from Monty Python's Flying Circus, perhaps? That Coffey is a sweetie, isn't he? The baby penguins are the best. Would you like a real penguin?


  3. Ahhhh... Edmund and Baldrick.

    Meaning, yes, I know the series, but being a Brit anyways...

    Then again - what's the prize? Huh? HUH?!?


  4. Very cool! Love it! You are the best, Pax! Always doing things for others.

  5. So... as nobody else has said anything... Blackadder. The 2nd, if'n I remember right.

  6. Thanks all.

    And yes Kernbrit - well done!. Blackadder it is. As for the prize... I'll have to think of something :)