November 9, 2012

Show your pride!

I love buying things from the Military Shop - mostly so that I can either send to my overseas Vetern friends; or to my Adopted Soldiers from Soldiers' Angels.

This month they have a really nice fridge magnet that I must acquire at least one of for myself

you can buy them HERE
I am sure I will find a few other bits & pieces in their online catalogue too.

Oh! and I have acquired an extra Poppy Coin.  Legal Australian two dollar coin with a red poppy on it's reverse.  On the 11th of the 11th I will be putting up a blog competition for it so please stay tuned for that

Updated to add....
Gosh I would love to own one of the below special Poppy medallions.  They have them in Silver (which I can *almost* afford but not really justify) and Gold (which is too $$ unfortunately).  Maybe I will bookmark the page and when I am back in employment I can celebrate by purchasing one.
Available from HERE but I don't know for how long...


  1. ooh looking forward to your competition ... i like the silver one too ...

  2. Very nice pieces!!! And I'll try :-)