February 20, 2013

Pax and competition prizes

New blog Competition will be held shortly - once  I sort out the prize I wish to bestow upon the winner.

Sadly, as much as I like you all, the prize will not be the following (too $$$ for my unemployed pocket to bear)

but you can buy one for yourself HERE

Hmm... the military teddy bears seem a bit too twee....   and sadly I would never get away with trying to ship the mini swords (the Australian and USA postal services seem a bit less than excited about shipping those sorts of things)

Oh Look!  They are now listing "Field Rations" and other freeze dried foods too...

And all the equipment for eating and heating.  [although I notice that the eating utensils are still a metal based product.  One day I may blog about the downrange friend for whom I found some sturdy plastic ware for - all very sad that the taste of metal in his mouth from standard issue cutlery would trigger PTSD attacks.]

Oh - they do have cuff links.  Is that of any interest to the readers?

Or I guess I could just buy some more of their nifty hats (offered once before as a prize.... I *think* Coffeypot ended up with one (it's late here and the brain is snoozing a bit)

There are also the usual extra bling bits of keyrings and the like....

Any suggestions from the Readers?  Just remember that it has to be affordable enough for me to acquire two of (so that any victim of the "Caption this photo" games gets one as way of apology) AND needs to be of small to middling size for International posting.


  1. I did win the cap and I wear it often. I even had a...uh...bloke (I think you say) come up to me in the Mall and ask if I had served in the Oz Army. He was even more impressed and shook my hand when I told him about Pax and her love of helping the troops and how I won the hat. He talked funny so I guess he was from Oz, too. :)

  2. And I suggest you hold on to your unemployment $$$ until better times. We can wait.

  3. chocolate is always a universally accepted prize. just sayin'. LOL

  4. And agree with Coffee. Take care of you first.

  5. Concur with all of the above Lady.

  6. Ooh that hat is nice but PRICEY :( ...

  7. I knew those hats had to be available. I have had one for over 40 years, a gift from an Aussie family friend. While not pristine, it is still functional. One tough hat!