March 11, 2013

Pax and March

Sorry - it's been rather busy here lately and I'm behind with the old blogging.

In the "Good news" realm - I started a volunteer position with my State Museum's Library last week. Really interesting work and I like the people I am working with.  Back again this week (one day a week to start with - am hoping to move that to two days a week when possible so I can get this project conquered!)

In real paying work news - nothing so far.  Still looking.

In "hobby" news - I spent last Saturday working in the kitchen for a medieval feast.  14 hours of work and boy was my body wreaked by the end of that.  Sunday I spent trying to remember not to groan too loudly as I attempted to move any muscles  [and yes - full on kitchen work with very few breaks can be really exhausting!].  I had a great time too!  (no photos as the only one taken of me is from a weird angle - making me look stranger than usual ;)

In University course news - I am finally beginning to make sense of the course I am doing this semester (Systems and Database Design).  I feared that I had a terminal case of the "Dumbs" so am pleased that I am finally working it out logically in my mind.

And in Blog-o-sphere news - if you haven't yet entered the Haiku competition over at Red Bull Rising you have one week left before it closes.  Prizes are VERY nice indeed (love love love the Doctrine Man cup!)

Oh and in milsupport - my adopted Marine should be receiving a small basket of Easter goodies soon.  Hope he likes it! :)


  1. Awesome volunteer job! Hugs and good thoughts going your way for the real work thingy!

  2. I wish you well with the job search, as always.


  3. Here's hoping something comes your way soon! And glad you got out and had some fun/even if it was work!

  4. Hope you find work soon! Well done with the volunteer work!!!

  5. Mari. Kitchen? The next thing you know, you'll be barefoot and pregnant!