April 18, 2013

New Book out!

My Friend and fellow Blogger - Momma Fargo - has just written her first ever book.

It is now available at Amazon.com in Printed format; and will be available in Ebook format shortly - and should be available for the Nook in a few weeks (I believe)

Go read about it HERE

I helped with some of the editing so I'm not entirely unbiased :D - I found it to be a mix of very moving tales from Momma's police days; and some very sage (and sometimes funny) wisdom on just what is wrong with today's youth and how you and I (as THE PARENT - THE ADULT - SOCIETY) can help to fix it all.

During the edits I alternated between crying over the sad sad truths about how sexual predators harm their child victims; and laughing over the other tales.  Most assuredly a roller-coaster ride!

So go find a copy and read read read!

[a true believer in the written word!]

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  1. Oh, Pax, thanks so much! You know you are my hero forever and ever. I finally have my computer up and running again and updated. UGH. Thanks for the kudos!