May 30, 2013

Charlie is me darlin'!

That's Charlie Sherpa from over at Red Bull Rising blog

Earlier this year I sent him the news that the television show China Beach would finally be released on DVD.  His sharp eagle eyes noticed a problem with their pre-publication box art work and in gratitude the publishing company supplied a few sets in partial consideration for otherwise unpaid technical-consulting services rendered.  [you might recall his 'Boonie's Haiku Contest' run back in February 2013 where the winner received one set]

Although I am not sure I deserve it (but good luck making me give it back! :D) - Young Charlie sent me the second set.

The box arrived yesterday and included the DVD box set AND *EXTRAS* Yay!!!!!

An matchbox M-ATV of my very own (ask Charlie about his love of ATV's!); a batch of postcards from Iowa and the Army; and a very sweet Army Mule toy.

Charlie writes about the mule...

This particular Army mule has travelled around the world with me a couple of times. The mule is a U.S. Army and U.S Military Academy mascot. (The U.S. Air Force gets "Fighting Falcons"; the Marines are "Devil Dogs." We get mules?) Mules have also been used in the war in Afghanistan. I also figured he'd make a potential drinking-buddy for the stuffed camel I for which remember you once doing a naming contest on your blog. In fact, I seem to recall that I suggested the camel be named "Boonie," in part after the character in "China Beach."
Little Muley requires a proper name, so stand by for a "Name that Mule" competition later in the year  [and yes - it's a follow on from the "Name That Camel" competition back in 2011]
Thank you Charlie - your kindness has really made my week, month and Year [it's been a tough one lately downunder].
off to watch more China Beach despite the Cat's disapproval!


  1. LOL! Great that you finally get a little back for all your generosity!

  2. Very cool! Yippee! A care package for you. I am with Old NFO on this one! You deserve it!