September 22, 2013

But before the roses comes the storm...

.... a Storm of coughs and sneezes and enough nose goo to lift up Noah's Ark it seems.

I have been trying to stave off a Spring cold for the last few days - using all manner of tried & true methods (over the counter flu & cold tablets, syrups and old fashioned lemon drinks).  My Contract job is a "paid only for time attended" so I just need to suck it up and keep on working away for one more week (6 or 7 days depending on the contract extension in to next weekend).

Today (Sunday) was my first day off all week and giving myself a chance to relax and try to recover seems to have only turned on the nose faucet even more (Sooo SEXI! Not!)

I am confident I can make it to work tomorrow - first stopping off at an early opening Chemist (Drug Store for those readers over the pond) and get more pills for "stop the flow NOW dammit" cure.  I'm not so confident that they won't try to send me home (despite all my efforts at distance and careful covered coughing I worry I have infected the rest of my team there).

More sadly I have had to pull out of a "catch up and meet" with Julie of Jigsaw's Thoughts - who will be in town only for a few days.  So sorry Julie :/   [when I finally manage to complete my online degree from ECU I will be over your way for graduation.. in 201mumble. Rain check till then?]


  1. You could get a mask at the chemist's and wear it, and I don't mean Frankenstein's monster – the kind of mask worn by healthcare workers and sick people.

  2. Just go to the job sick...get all the normal employees sick, then when they take off and stay home, sit back and enjoy your tea

  3. Yes it is a shame that we didn't get to catch up this trip. My boss, who also didn't catch up with me either due to sickness wants me back in your part of the world before Christmas so maybe things will work out then!

    1. Thanks for the rain check Julie! - and YES! Let me know if you are headed back this way soon :)

  4. owwah. A storm of snot is not what you needed. Keep smilin' though. Life is good in general... yay for the new job!!! soooooo happy for you!!! :)