August 2, 2009


Some of you might recall that I've been involved in a morale building endeavour with some of the troops currently serving overseas.

My friend Vicki (in California) and I thought it would be a great idea to organise Christmas stockings for the teams of our guys (Vicki's the one that got me involved in the first place and is a complete dynamo of RAK's  [random acts of kindness]).

In theory the idea of playing Santa seems an easy one... we figured we had 5 months lead time to get it sorted out, the stockings made and stuffed & sent on their way early December.  What we didn't take in to account was that one of my guys is a base chaplain and needs 425 stockings for his team alone. 

But now that the offers been made, we can't back away from it (better to fulfil a promise with a bit of pain then be thought of badly) so expect to find my place Elf-central in the coming months (and if you have any excess blue, red & white velveteen - care to send it my way?)
Oh and for the few of you out there that have so far expressed rage & condemnation of my involvement
in securing the harmony of the troops - BITE ME! - I'm doing this for my cosmic karma - not yours

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