August 1, 2009

Playing Catch up...

Let us see... since last I blogged I have -
* gone with Mr B to see the new Harry Potter movie at the Gold Class cinema  (relaxing chairs - table service of drinks and incredibly expensive munchies - limited number of people there - no kids).  It was a great experience :)

* Attended History Alive with B and friends (Craig & Narelle from his medieval group).  Saw lots of friends from my past; spent time chatting, getting hugs, giving back rubs, discussing costuming, hanging with my friend Coral and her 14th century medieval group - even saw some battles [the Scottish lads were the funniest - they'd die in slow mo and then carefully adjust their kilt-line once they hit the ground. Makes one wonder if they were wearing them *properly* ;D]. 
Highlight of the day was Coral *breaking* one of the guys in a one on one fight (she makes a very sexy 14th century warrior)

* Celebrated Mr B's birthday with actually zippo celebration (we could have gone out for lunch but he didn't want to. I offered a full roast dinner - he preferred to make goat curry instead). He seems to have enjoyed himself regardless

* Over the last week I've been a bit ill - thought it might have been the dreaded swine flu (some of the symptoms matched) but I never developed the classic flu signs so looks to be just a 24+hr type bug.  Almost over that now (still tired though)

* Arranged for the sending of a wading pool, rubber duckies and dehydrated  water to one of the US soldiers I have adopted (he's in Afghanistan - hence the needing the water ;D)

And today I need to clean the house (it has reached ground-zero bomb site grade - eep) and help B install the new window fittings so we can replace the pane of glass that broke a fortnight+ ago.

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