November 28, 2009

Scary stuff!

I don't usually blog about my adopted soldiers (found via ) but I have permission from Izzy to post about his recent Halloween adventures.

You see a few months back young Izzy (that's PV2 I. Franco to the rest of the world) asked if I could help him find a suitable halloween costume he could wear to his bases's event (he's stationed in Iraq so no chance to drop into "Costumes-R-Us"). I of course said "no problem" and then immediately contacted my guru of all things American (and evil mistress of the darkness and cookie hoarders) Vicki with a "I have no idea what to do - you guys do this holiday so seriously - HELP!"

She was her ever calming self (well actually no - she immediately found some pictures of some really REALLY horrific and *blush* naughty costumes and sent them to me with a perky "what do you think of this!")

...After I bleached my eyeballs back to normal we began again.  We worked throught a list of what Izzy's interest were (anime, Lord of the Rings, world of warcraft [he's a horde boy - see why I adore him? :D] and Star Wars) and narrowed it down to something demonic but still uber-guy looking.

We also wanted to make sure it was something he could get on & off easily and still carry his weaponry with (okay so I had the fleeting thought of him in a big pink bunny suit humping his rifle about but I resisted... I'm not that evil *gives sweet angelic look to the heckling gallery*).

Once we had a plan I forwarded gold across the seas (well via Paypal - less chance of unofficial pirates that way) and let Miss Vicki have at the various USA based vendors that would ship to her in California.

She found an excellent deal on a face mask; and a really nifty set of demon wings that extended & retracted with the wave of a claw (or maybe the pull of a string - the details elude me a bit). The chest piece was feared to be a bit on the small side for our manly hero so Vicki adjusted it all upon receipt.

And then she worried that he just wouldn't look scary enough so she obtained some really evil looking replica weapons (orcish stuff) and paid from her own pocket (somehow she's adopted my adoptee's and we all seem to be loving the dynamics)

Oh and in the mean time I sent Izzy the following picture and asked him what colour he wanted

(that bit where I said I wasn't evil?  Yeah - I lied ;D).

So as Izzy was being freaked out (but so politely - I'm sure he was worried he would hurt my feelings if he said "Hell no!") Miss Vicki was shipping off the finished outfit.

He won "Most Scary" :)

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  1. Way to go, Mari. It looks better in the black shirt, but scary just the same. You and Vicky keep on working together. You sound like a dynamic duo.