December 2, 2009

Season's Greetings - and other difficult phrases

I began filling out my Christmas cards today - and you know how you need to write a heart-felt, warming & personal note on each of them?  Yeah... epic failure of brain cells occured.  Filling out each of them I was actually thinking how this person is so super fun or loveable or insane* or goodhearted (sometimes all of the above) and trying to articulate it in to 20 words or less - but the words - they failed me.

So if you happen to receive a card from me and the message is more "Special Needs" rather than "Special Thoughts" just engage your imagination and add in a Hallmark moment of your very own

Posting out starts tomorrow

*unless it's Michael & Shell reading this - and then the sentiment is exactly as I wrote it :)  [and the tag line accurate - after all, how many Nutty Aussies do you actually know? :) ]


  1. My cards will say"

    "Money's tight and times are hard...Here's your fucking Christmas Card." Santa will be on the front shoot a bird.

    Sweet, huh?

  2. See!! Perfect Hallmark moment there - wish I was that clever :)