December 29, 2009

Firstly... an apology

My blog comments have recently been hijacked by someone pushing their own belief system - apologies to those he's tried ranting at directly. I have now blocked him and as soon as I work out how, I'll start screening comments left before they go "live" [looks at my technical assistant with panic... how do I do that again?]

Secondly I seem to be at a loose end with the whole "Sending treats to troops" thing - one of my guys is coming home soon so gone "No Mail" - the other two are currently home on Christmas leave so I'm nervous of sending anything to them till I know they are back (the whole "ping-pong-package" thing seems so very silly).

So is there anyone you know in need of a quick Marsupial fix? (I'll even throw in some timtams).  Whizz me an email if you do


  1. Darling, go to Customize at the top of your blog.

    Then click on Settings

    Then Comments

    Then Comment Moderation - Always!

    Sorry you have a problem. Want his legs broken?

  2. Coffeypot - thanks!
    And all these offers of Leg-breakage?!? - did you get an ACME break-all for christmas?

  3. No worries. Trolls are a blogopational hazard. :)

  4. We should have or own Ji=had. I suggest watching "Team America" to be better prepared. We used it as a training video in Iraq. lots of good tips.

  5. I'm harmless, just stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Sort the wheat from the chaff... do not let it bother you..

  7. Thanks for stopping by Buffalo - Love your cooking stuff :)