December 27, 2009



  1. I know I am older than most of my readers put together and I have many various and sorted experiences in life to draw from, but I missed something with this Hello Kitty shit.

    What gives? And why does it make it better that the pussy is a zombie?

    Just trying to ‘get with it.’

  2. Did you say Zombies?
    You must be prepared.
    You have to shoot them in the head to put them down, 00 buckshot works best.

  3. Coffey - Hello Kitty is a Naff cartoonish figure that has acquired cult status just by being cute (to a limited definition of cute-standards of course). I have friends that worship it; and others like myself that delight in tormenting the afore-mentioned fan-(atics). Zombie Kitty achieves this (Kitty Dominatrix was too poorly executed to display - sorry about that!)

    CI - so glad to have an experts advice on proper zombie despatch. One question - wouldn't a flame-thrower be equally effective at a distance? (mmm... fire!!)

  4. Hello kitty leaves me less homicidal than Barney or Teletubbies...its a spectrum thing I suppose...

  5. I would like Barney more if he was bar-b-qed. Teletubbies would make great bathtub toys.

  6. Flame throwers are difficult to carry and operate. The tanks and all weigh over 50 lbs and you only get 9 seconds of flame! (they never explained that in any war movie) Plus, the guy carring the tanks is a big fat target.
    Shotgun is easier to carry, re-load and ammo is common all over.

    (more info that you needed to know for sure.)

  7. Note to self: get Mari copy of Max Brooks guide to Zombie destruction....

    Zombie Hello Kitty really seems perfectly justified to me!