December 25, 2009

Hey Santa - are you sure you checked your list twice?

Christmas Morn here in Australia and I'm unwrapping the odd gift or two.

Turns out that >

is indeed a vacuum cleaner.

....   at least it's purple...

And Ben just said "Now you can tell everyone that my gift to you sucks" (as he proudly demonstrates the machines power).  Some days reality doesn't visit us here (possibly too scared of being beaten up)

Anyway - Merry Christmas My Friends - may YOUR gifts be of the non-domestic type!


  1. Girl,
    You can do better...send the lad over here and let me have a "chat" with him.

    He'll either tell me where Bin Laden is, or get you better gifts next time... either way is a win of some sort.

  2. What??? No riding lawnmower? Bastard! He could have at least got you a new iron and ironing board.

  3. CI & Coffey - love you guys :)

    [home from the parents and now off to take a recovery nap]