December 28, 2009


Warning - this is a Girlie post...

My friend Kathy has just bought some boots during her recent trip to Lubbock Texas (she lives in Clovis NM so she's buying the accessories - bags/buckles et al - via mail order)

Not quite my style so I checked out their full range.  Mmm... wonder if I'd get disowned by the cowboy readers list I'm on if I were to get these ones instead?

So very very tempted


  1. The black boots were very 1850. But with the proper outfit, they could be very sexy, 1850.

  2. Oh! Sorry! This was a chick post. Disregard anything I said. I'm no chick.

  3. The low healed boots are for roping (standing on the ground)
    the higher heals are for riding.
    I use the riding boots for my motorcycle. You need to find a comforatable pair to were for long rides.

  4. Laughs at Coffeypot. But how about if I teamed the boots with this -

    Still too 1850?

  5. Hey! I used to live in Portales just south of there! For school clothes Clovis or Lubbock was where we went.

  6. Nothing will take the 1850 look from those boots, but if you pull a crop on me and try to use it, you will get your ass whooped.

    I don't equate pain to sex (unless she says the magic words, "Oh, you hurt because you are sooo big." I’ve never heard that, but I have my fanaticizes.)

  7. Hi Hope -
    Kathy recently relocated to Clovis (Husband is airforce). Just got new house sorted and husband got 2 days notice of 3rd deployment. Shipped out Christmas day. So Kathy's only now beginning to find her way around.
    I think the boot shopping was therapy for coping with the current stress.
    So any other good boot stores around that area you can suggest?

  8. love love love the black boots.