December 3, 2009

Operation Santa Stockings is a Go!

I'll write more on this later (after my brain has recovered from a day of work frustrations and university re-enrollment dramas)

For now let me just say how amazing Vicki is to have managed to pack all the below in to boxes and lugged them off to her local US postal office. 

They should be received by Izzy & Martin (well actually Martin's 2IC since M's off home for christmas - Yay!) before the 25th and they have been told that they *can* give them out to their teams before Christmas day if anyone really needs an early pick me up


  1. Vicky needs to use the boxes from the PO. They are much cheaper if you have a lot of stuff. One flat fee regardless of the weight. I use it all the time and I sent out 5 boxes to my two remaining dudes. The rest are either home or is be by Christmas.


  2. Ahhh! - okay - we'll remember that for *next* time.