December 26, 2009

Bestest Christmas gift EVER!!

Some of you may know that I have a thing for Penguins. (Platonic love I swear!)

It all began years ago when a copy of Bloom County feel into my hands (mmm Opus!) and grew even more once I saw the Penguins in the movie Madagascar (My ideal penguin isn't the sort that just waddles about - I really like the ones that make things go KABOOOM!  I <3 Rico!)

So imagine my joy yesterday as I began unpacking not one, not two but THREE parcels shipped to me from California

I am now the proud owner of 4 hand made evil penguin tshirts; a soft toy , a book on evil penguins and the US special version of Madagascar!

I am feeling the Penguin love :)  - Thank you so much Vicki!


  1. I'm more a an eagle man myself. I'll take my talons and sink them into your penguin and eat it up. Is that what you call a metaphor? I’m not sure. My granddaughter ask me what’s a metaphor and I told her, to feed the cows.

    I am glad you got such greats gifts from Vicki.

  2. I heart Rico. Actually I heart all of them. The line "just smile and wave boys...just smile and wave" got us through an extended family type vacation once. Merry Christmas!

  3. Coffeypot - I'm picturing you as Sam the Bald Eagle from the Muppets. Possibly not the look you were going for!

    Hope - I had forgotten about the "Smile & wave boys" line - got to go watch that again soon. Someone said they Penguins had their own movie? Must track & Hunt

    Saleh - Thank you for the offer however I'm quite content with my faith.

  4. If you switched, you'd have to:
    1.) Beat your head on the ground 5 times a day to pray
    2.) Have to be one of many wives for some smelly bearded guy who doesn't bathe very often
    3.) Hered goats
    4.) Not have Christmas anymore
    5.) Take suicide bomber classes after work.
    and other stuff that's not fun.

  5. Oh, Achmed, If I offended you, I'm sorry...
    go pour gas on your man dress, light it afire, then piss on yourself to put it out.

  6. Dude, don't tell him to piss on it and put it out. He wants to meet his virgins. LET HIM.