June 21, 2010

Pax impressed(?)


So I've heard from one of my adopted guys - seems like a nice normal enough soldiery sort right up to the point where I watched the videos of him on facebook experiencing tasering and mace as part of his training**


And in both the vids he's like super cool. shrugs it all off... very smooth.   (yes yes we all know that at that point I'd be blubbering like a girlie but if I can't use my girlie points for something - what use would they be?)

So having managed to acquire Mr Extreme as an Adoptee how the heck am I going to be able to keep him amused with "Pax is a Klutz" tales in my weekly letters?  The Poor lad is going to be bored witless.

Sigh... maybe I should just start juggling chain-saws - there's got to be an amusing story or two I can dictate to someone with fingers afterwards.

**Looks at the CI & Momma sorts to ask - so do all law-enforcement types have to be on the receiving end of that to "know what it feels like"?

*yes yes you all know the word I really wanted to use there but that's Baaaaa-d language :D


  1. Yep. If you carry a taser or pepper spray...you have to be shot with both. So...I asked the boss once...if I carry a gun...??? They rolled their eyes. Only makes sense, right? And they all stink and hurt. Bad. Cuz I'm a girl.

  2. You just have to be you - not him. If he wants him, I'm sure there are some marrow’s around for him to visit himself. You just tell him what is going on in your world (it is upside down, yah know) and find out what he likes and talk about that. Like it or not, you are a girl and stout hearted men like girls. Even woosses like me like girls.

  3. Hey Momma - any chance the boys are trying to avoid the extra paperwork involved with a shotting wound (since I understand you guys have to report every one of those)? - maybe it's just them being practical (or perhaps deathly afraid that you are a more accurate shot then them :D)

    & Mr Coffeypot - so glad you like girls :)