January 26, 2011

Australia Day

It's Australia Day today so how about some photos?

These were taken by my Mum & Dad on their various travels out bush. 
Somewhere in Central Queensland - 2009 (during the Drought)

One of the Possums that live under my parents veranda

Carpet Snake - also at my parents place. Luckily it didn't stay around for long and did not (we think) snack on any of the possums

Gatheume Bay, Broome, Western Australia


  1. I love looking at personnal pictures.
    Pax, even if it was your parents who took the pic's it was you who picked the special ones to share. So, maybe that makes them your pic's too.
    Thanks...L O V E D them.

    Miss Em

  2. I love seeing pictures as well.

    And those right there were some great pictures.