January 12, 2011

Updates on the Brisbane Floods

I'm still safe - still at home.  Got up early this morning and checked online - work's official decree was that only essential travel should be undertaken and since Library's don't fall into the category I didn't try to get into the CBD to work.

Good thing too... since the public transport system is going to be shutting down from 1pm AND much of the power in the CBD has been shut off.  B's workplace have predicted that their building lobby will be about 1.8metres under water when the peak flow hits this afternoon.

It's a frustrating feeling - watching a force of nature head your way and knowing that there is nothing you can do to avert it.   I just hope that my friends who are in the flood path are now safe.


  1. having gone to several floods for the state, I suggest having a fishing pole and bait handy.

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of lives and the destruction of so much property. I first learned of Australia's inland tsunami earlier today. My prayers are with all of those affected by these floods, and I fervantly hope no more lives will be lost!

  3. How often does this happen? You got flooded out last year at your job.