March 7, 2011


Well Casa de Paxford is somewhat smaller now.  Just myself and the cat.

The Separation of Mr B & I was as amicable as these things get I guess. He's moving on with his life and I am beginning to pick up the pieces of mine.  I guess in the long run this has been inevitable for a while - just always a shock to the system to discover that love has died.

With all the moving out of things, changing of locks, reorganising of furniture, and reassuring the cat that I'm not leaving her too, I am very behind with my correspondence to all.  My apologies for that - and my promise that I will try to catch up as soon as I can [some days it is harder to be Goofy-fun Pax than others]

Leaving you with more emo-driven musical interludes


  1. Pax,

    I've been there and done that a couple of times because my picker-outer doesn't work well for me.
    I'll let you know that things do settle down to some level of everyday simple-ness.
    You may even discover that after-a-while having your things just so and Not messed with is Really nice.
    And remember...
    the only person you have to clean up after is


    [and maybe Miss Kitty-Kat].

    The sun will shine after the rain.

    Miss Em

  2. I am sorry to hear that Pax. Sometimes it just happens and we just have to move on. Sorry you are going through this.

  3. Men can be such jerks. Oh yeah so can some women. I feel your pain....give it time.

  4. Sorry to hear that, Pax. But with your positive attitude and big heart, things should turn around soon...

  5. ABOUT FUCKING TIME! That asswhipe has hurt you for way too long. I am excited that you have a new life and direction that can make you happy. Go Girl!

  6. I barely know what to say, because I know how much hurt you must be going through, and there is no shortcut to the other side. I wish I had a magic wand to wave over everyone who is going through a breakup. I would make it all better for you first, then move on to the next injured heart. Hugs!

  7. sorry to hear this, sending a hug,too.

  8. A hug to my adopted daughter also.


    Wanda (Vicki's mom)

  9. Sorry Pax. Don't become a cat lady- just because you're a lady with a cat!

  10. A comment on your FB sent me rummaging through your blog entries to see if what I surmised was true and, sadly I think, it is. Ah well. I expect that two months later you're well on the way through the Three Stages of Grief (Tears, Screaming and Triple Chocolate Cherry Ripple Ice-Cream With Sprinkles). I presume you've lost none of the talents that made you a particularly worthwhile catch when I knew you, so you will have landed on your feet nicely and be ready for whatever happens next. Good Luck, and drop me a line some time...