March 25, 2011

Who's downrange?

and no.. this is not the start of a "who's on first" joke*

Troops in Afghanistan...

Australia... 1,455 troops on the ground
USA......     78,430 troops on the ground.

Well I'm kind of embarrassed.... surely if all our nations support the concept of assisting Afghanistan's population to develop into a more Democratic type society (where woman are valued more than camels; and love of country can be as prevalent as "duty to the clan")... then why arent' the rest of our countries pulling more of the load?

The whole "it's unpopular with the voters" crap just has to stop.  YES! War is unpopular - but how about the idea of "get in - get it done - make the world safer for our children and our children's children?"  [yes yes.. Pax has *often* been accused of having a simplistic view of world politics - she also believes in the maxim of "many hands make light work".  Please direct all vitriol in the comments box..]
 and to leave you laughing (?) - *THIS* is Who's on first


  1. The who is on first skit is a classic.

  2. Well, the knucelheads who attacked the US on 9-11 were instigated from Afganistan. So, I feel we were totally justified in going in there and cleaning up... and I thank all those who helped. War is not an easy thing to do. It is almost never a popular thing.

  3. I agree with "CI-Roller Dude" comment. looks to me like some of those countries just sent enough people to say "Hey, we were there two." and they aren't even near where the fighting really is at. Shame on them.

    My opinion is if your going to go to the fight then you better make certain that you are an assest and not a libility and most of them look to me to be nothing more than a libility.

    Miss Em

  4. I am proud to see my Flag at the top of the list and as a Soldier currently deployed to Iraq, I would be happy if all the flags that are shown are still there till it is completely over and not just until it is no longer popular. As i'm sure I will be heading there soon enough. Don't they know we are not done with the first one :) Oh well, one ticket to libya please!