April 29, 2012

April Milsupport round up

Well it's been an interesting month of Milsupport.

The Easter parcel reached SSgt G in time and he said he enjoyed sharing it with his team (no mention, however, about whether he tried on the bunny ears)

Late parcel went out to my Airforce double-adoptee (So nice I asked to adopt him for a second deployment). Luckily he's been zipping about the countryside (note... not sure *which* country or which side) and wasn't back for his mail for a few weeks so the lateness wasn't a factor - whew!

Postcards have been winging their way across to a Wounded Warrior based in Texas. I am hoping they make him smile just a bit.

Oh and I acquired a new adoptee via Soldiers Angels too - so far just an introductory letter, an Aussie postcard and a box of goodies (from the Soldiers' Angels store) have headed his way but I am working on his May Parcel as I type (more below)

May goodie parcels...

There is (as I type) a Water Balloon Launcher and 300 water balloons winging their way to SSgt G.  Hopefully it will be a great team toy and fun in the Hot Hot Hot of where-ever he is.

Available at Amazon.com

I did attempt to send a WBL to Airforce Adoptee however for some reason (a weird twist in the time/space continuum?) Amazon's supplier will ship to one AE/APO address but not the other AE/APO address..  Never mind - it's the last parcel for him so I can easily substitute an Aussie Sweets and Munchies pack instead and I am sure he won't mind.

For my Newest adoptee I am trying to order some "Summer Sausage" for him (okay so first I had to ask my "Go To Guys" exactly what the heck that was since we call it something different Downunder).  Hickory Farms have Military gift packs which is lovely - however I am once again having problems with "postcode does not exist for that area" error messages.  I have emailed them and will hopefully hear from them shortly.

Oh and in a RAK [Random act of Kindness(?)] I have shipped some Timtams, Caromello Koalas and Musk Sticks off to a new friend in the USA.  He advised that he's received them but nothing so far on taste tests (I am figuring 2 out of 3 will meet approval).  And being a Sweet and Lovely Pax I did not send any Vegemite to befuddle him further - Go Me! :D

Also a reminder that the ANZAC pin & keychain competition ends on the 1st of May.  There are FIVE entries so far but I'd love to see a few more (just remember to reply at that post to enter).


  1. Hey, I didn't know Hickory Farms had military gift packs, thanks! good to know :)a co-worker's Marine son is deploying, and we're gearing up to support him!
    and I've been 'following' your new friend's blog and didn't remember how I came across it,lol, so maybe it was through you?
    Keep up the great work,Pax!!

  2. Meh... yeah the lovely APO/FPO battles... I got a christmas card FOUR years late once (and on the OPPOSITE side of the world from where I was four years earlier)...

  3. Thanks for your support, but I am worried for MSgt's sanity. He actually wrote he likes nibbling on the old Musk Stick. . .