November 14, 2010

Can you assist?

Soldiers Need Immediate Assistance - Urgent (reposting from Facebook message received 13/11/2010)
by Chuck Palmer on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 1:39pm!/note.php?note_id=106829132720972&id=1486095187
Help our Soldiers Need Help Now - Louise Stanley  Soldiers' Angels Northern California Chapter

"May No Veteran Go Unloved or Be Forgotten...""It is vital to the future of our nation that we keep the faith and that we stand up with courage and conviction to defend our American way of life and our veterans who have made it possible."

Angels, Please send all items for the unit to our hero from Colusa:

Brandon Middleton
(****For OpSec reasons I have removed Brandon's address - please contact me directly - for his FOB address or go to the Facebook link address or email the contact at bottom of message. Pax****)

The Tri Counties Blue Star Moms have been informed of an Army unit in Afghanistan that is in need of EVERYTHING. This unit arrived in Afghanistan and discovered their storage crates had been broken into and all of the soldier's personal/military gear have been stolen. (Angels, remember when the supply route in Pakistan was closed for about 3 weeks last month -thousands of supply trucks were backed up, bombed and looted... looks like our heroes belongings were in that mess.)

About 200 soldiers are left with the clothes on their backs. They are without sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, thermals, PT gear, socks,underwear, hygiene items, etc., etc., They are also trying to get creative to replace all of the military gear - uniforms, coats, etc. Winter is approaching fast and getting them warm gear is a priority. The Tri Counties Blue Star Moms have snacks and hygiene packages already packed and will be mailed by Monday. (Angels, they are at an FOB which means they are out in the middle of nowhere and it takes time to resupply them which is why we can do what we do best and help them now.)

I am reaching out to all of you in hopes you can help us collect items for this unit, or direct me to someone/organization that can help. One of the soldier's is a local guy, Brandon Middleton from Colusa. I am working closely with his mom and brother to help this unit.

E-mail I received:

Brandon along with 200 other US Army service men and women were shipped from Louisiana to Afghanistan. Upon their arrival, most of the unit found their personal possessions had been removed from the shipping boxes. These young military men and women are in need of personal supplies and clothing.Personal items such as toiletries, white socks, underwear, tooth brushes,pillows, blankets, sheets and snacks can be replaced through donations.Butte Community Bank in Colusa can take these items and get ready for shipping if you live close by; otherwise, please send your donations to Brandon and the unit directly (see address above). Gift cards are not a good value as their base store is very small with limited items.

One of the larger concerns involves the arrival of winter within the next month and items such as jackets, long sleeve shirts, sweats and thermal wear.

Whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. (Angels, get your children/school classes to send them holiday cards too!)

May your garden of life be filled with hope, love, and gratitude for those protecting our freedoms.
Lori J. Danby Zone AdminNorcal Bins
(530) 671-7854(530) 674-7388
FAX My e-mail Address will officially change 12.31.10 You can use it now!

Note from Pax : It's a bit hard to know exactly what to send them - I guess anything warm would be a good start. I have just ordered a few long sleeve t'shirts (black) via Amazon that should ship to them next week.  Aussie Munchie parcel also being arranged.  Constraints of finances mean I can do just a little - but if you can add to this, and pass on the message, then a little becomes a lot.

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