November 27, 2010

Pax'd and Posted

Two more parcels posted off on Friday - the last of my overseas Christmas gifts being sent from Downunder (there are a few more gifts to go but I'll be using USA based suppliers to avoid the whole "Australia post charges like a wounded bull and then transports slow as a snail" problem).

Along with those gifts I found a cute & cuddly toy to send to a young Marine (a RAK - random act of kindness - for a young man known to a blogger friend of mine). Hopefully it will make him smile
An Aussie Christmas card will also be shortly on it's way to the same young marine and a few others.

***I can afford to send an additional 10 or so Christmas cards next week [it's Aust $2.20 to post each card so you can see why I need to budget] so if you know a deployed service member that would like a random "oooh mail from Australia!" - drop me a note at my email account. You will need to include a valid mailing address but I promise to keep them all confidential to protect the OpSec***

In other news - I've added a link in my side bar for the fantastic "Cup of Joe for a Joe" coffee program that Green Beans Coffee runs.  Usual disclaimer that they aren't paying me anything to advertise for them - I just think this is a great way to show deployed military that people care about them.  For every US $2 that you donate, it's $2 off the service persons drink of choice.  And sometimes you receive an email saying thanks [fangirl squee... my last 'thank you' note came from a Colonel at Camp Phoenix.  That's my very first ranking officer encounter.  Painless one too :D]

I've made a few lovely friends from the CoJ system - those few that have asked me to write back and aren't
  • A) hoping I'm single, young & exciting (sorry the reality is that I am... involved... older... tireder... and a bit dull)  and 
  • B) hoping I match their viewpoints exactly on religion/sports/politics (all three points I prefer not to talk about - religion & politics because I think each to their own; and sport because I am both inept AND Australian... although I have a wondrous fascination for Ice Hockey :D)
Sadly I've lost contact with a few really lovely people, due I think, from them realizing that I'm not in a "Conventional" relationship with Mr B (yes.. that's right... living in sin**... sorry about that but resolution of that situation would involve *him* asking and *me* accepting - both of which seem unlikely in this current reality)

Actually I do worry sometimes about how many people seem to see the Milsupport idea as a
"great way to hook up with someone". 
I *have* learnt to not reply to any email requests originating from anyone with an email address including the words "PlayaDude...." - so I guess it's a good learning curve :)

Those that I write to / send parcels to / say prayers for - definitely hold a place in my heart but it's not Loooove, Love... Ya know?  (It *is* however "Love" - unconditional caring involving thought, some financial sacrifice and the investment of time).  I don't find that I can switch off caring for someone simply because they are home safe & now not on my list of "must communicate with".  So I'll keep saying a quiet prayer for all "my" troops (and their friends - Hi D!! :D) - and hope that the downunder "warm & fuzzies" help to make a difference on the bad days.

Pax over & out for today.

**I would like to state for the record that "Living in Sin" sounds far more decadent & exciting that reality has it :(


  1. You are such a good and kind person. Do you need to adopt me? LOL

  2. "Living in Sin" ??
    Been there...done both.
    The only difference I found between "living in sin" and "being married" was a "piece of paper".
    It's the same money difficulties, same arguements about putting dirty dishes in the sink and picking up smelly socks, so it makes no difference to me.
    If your looking for a new "sister" then I up for being adopted by someone from "down under". :D

  3. >Momma - the chance to adopte one of the "Strong & True"? You Betcha :). Send me an email and I'll even hook you up with a tinned marsupial

    >Em. Thanks for the perspective on that!
    And yes yes yes... adoption of friends is always a goal (ditto on the Tinned Marsupial hookup - email me! :D)