November 18, 2010

Of Love and War

Last week I attended a training seminar at the Queensland State Library.

It was a nice morning - I caught the early morning bus across town, and then over the river bridge. and hopped off at the Cultural hub of Brisbane (the complex consists of the State Library, the Museum, the Performing Arts complex and the Art Gallery). 

To reach the Library (at the back of the complex) I walked past the Museum along the Great Whale passage

The Whales are suspended from the ceiling - posed as though they are swimming through the air - and the passage way has whale song playing lowly through the speakers.

I then passed behind the art gallery and it's flowering trees

For the next 4 hours I spent learning all the updates on the Australian Copyright laws** (riveting stuff!).  My lunch time however was spent at the newly opened "Of Love and War" exhibit. The Exhibit belongs to Australian War Museum and has been sent interstate as a travelling exhibit.

**(The following images taken at this exhibit are displayed for Review purposes only. All Copyright remains with the display owners and no infringement is intended)

The following is an excerpt from the exhibition.
Of love and war explores the relationships forged during times of conflict, and the emotions felt by couples as a result of separation, loss and reunion.

It details the excitement of blossoming romance, passionate affairs and whirlwind weddings that have taken place since the First World War, and continue today.

It tells of sweethearts and lovers separated by war, the loneliness and trauma that could tear some apart, and the anguish of those who had lost a partner. Finally, there are the stories of the survivors and their new beginnings when peace returned: the joy of reunion, the challenges of relationships built on wartime experiences, and the new discoveries by war brides resettling in foreign lands.

Exhibit entrance

It's an emotion inducing exhibit - you can read some of the letters sent between sweethearts, see the treasured mementos they carried through the war years, view their wedding gowns and some uniforms, and then read the short biographies of the couples.  As in life - not all the stories have happy endings, and a few tears fell over the display of the World War 1 lovers that were never reunited (on a personal note - my great-grandfather did not return from the battle fields of WW1 - leaving my Grandmother [Nanna Marion] to never have known him beyond the stories told by family)

If you happen to be in Brisbane and have the time, the exhibit runs from 6 November 2010 until the 20th of February 2011, and there is no charge to view it.


  1. The whales made me think...where I park my car sometimes, there's a big black bird that likes to "go" on my car.
    I'm just glad that the whales don't fly. They would make a big mess of things!

  2. A lunch well spent, Pax. I wish I could get down there to see it. Here in Columbus, GA, at Ft Benning, there is the Infantry Museum with exhibits from 1776 through last the present. It will take a couple of day to tour all of it. There is even an exhibit of the fort during WWII with Patton's bunk and office area in one of the wooden Admin buildings. It is like going back in time to tour all those buildings. You can see it here

  3. Hi Marion,

    Loved the pic of the whales.
    One really doesn't get an idea of how large they really are until one is able to put themselves next to one of them.

    Using my Best Bud's computer so I can't click to join in on the following of you on your new site. Will do so once I am back in my condo and have things running again.

    [There is a lot of work that I took on by doing as much of the putting back together in my condo from the fire than I thought there would be but I and "Best Bud" are getting it done. That includes a little remodeling of the kitchen too...moving frig and dishwasher, opening an enclosed area above both sets of wall cabinets, a new pantry and a new set of open shelves. And YES, I'm taking pictures so I can blog about it as soon as I get a few hours to put one together.]

    So until then, I'll pop in and check out the blog when I get a few moments.
    Lov - ya
    Miss Em