February 9, 2011

Pax needs some technical assistance

My old Livejournal blog may be heading for oblivion if the current rumours about the way LJ's current owners are correct.

Since I have posts dating back to 2003 - some of them vaguely witty, others containing information I'd love to keep - I'd ideally like to some how transfer them over to this blog.

However I need to be able to change the new post date to keep them in order.

Anyone have any clues how I do that? is there a "change the date" button I can't actually see?

Any assistance would be super! :)



  1. Sorry, sweetie. Nothing here except maybe contacting you blogger help line for assistance. I'm computer literate (even though my parents were married).

  2. Most of the time I'm doin good to find the on button.
    I've got a "blog Goddess" that answer/does a few things/questions for me.

    Miss Em